Makerspace is a community shop dedicated to bringing people together and bringing ideas to life!

We believe we can do a lot more together than alone so we decided to build an open workshop in the middle of town and fill it with the tools and equipment to make just about anything. Now we’re inviting all the artists, makers, tinkerers, craftsmen and entrepreneurs from throughout the greater Grand Forks area to come be a part of something awesome!

Bring your skills and talents, your ideas and curiosity and get plugged in to a vibrant creative community of makers. Learn from others; share what you know. Form like minded clubs or collaborate across different skill sets. Complete a dream project. Learn a new skill. Start a new business or just play around. At Makerspace, the possibilities are endless. So come on over and bring your ideas to life! 


why Making?

I fell in love with making about 10 years ago when I first saw the Volpin Props Portal Gun. I don’t know if at the time Harrison would have referred to himself as a “maker” or as being a part of the growing “maker movement” since I don’t remember hearing either of those terms until some time later, but the moment I saw what he had created my eyes were opened to a world of possibilities. This was far and away the coolest thing I had ever seen built just for the fun of it!

After having the ceiling blown off what I previously thought was possible, I began to research and teach myself new techniques for building and making things. I got a job at a fiberglass plant and learned how to work with composites. I studied mold making and 3D computer modeling. I was captivated by the idea that tools and materials that were developed and intended for a specific purpose or industry could be used for making other things too.

Now 10 years later this is truer than ever. Hobby versions of 3D printers, laser cutters and desktop CNC machines are popping up all over the place bringing manufacturing to a much more accessible level; add to that the treasure trove of tips and techniques that is youtube and there is really no limit to what a person can create!

Why Makerspace?

Naturally, with all of the tools and sources of inspiration that are out there today, we need a space to use them. A lot of this stuff, though a ton of fun, can be quite noisy, dangerous and messy and just isn’t meant for inside the house. So I decided what Grand Forks needed was a designated space to play and experiment, a place where people could come to keep the noise and mess out of their homes and learn how to use tools and materials to make the things they want to make.

Makerspace is a call to the people of Grand Forks to continue learning and experimenting. To discover or rediscover the joys of making. To find out whats possible. To produce more and consume less. To build a legacy of creativity and ingenuity for our kids and for our city. And ultimately Makerspace is here to provide the people of Grand Forks with a creative community and resources to bring their ideas to life.

Our Mission

To equip the Grand Forks community with the resources and support to bring their ideas to life!



Makerspace provides local artists with a dynamic studio space and teaching platform creating the opportunity for additional income while plugging them into a robust network of experts and creatives within our community. 


Our facility equips inventors and entrepreneurs within our community with the tools to bring their ideas to fruition. Whether using our computer lab and professional software to design products and websites, 3D printing working prototypes or manufacturing final products in our versatile fabrication facility, members will find everything they need to launch their new business right here at Makerspace. 


More people live in apartments in Grand Forks than ever. And with the growing number of tenants we have a growing majority of people in Grand Forks without a designated space to work on personal projects or even the room for basic tools. Makerspace provides this major portion of our population with a designated noise-insulated space to experience the joys of making! 


Makerspace provides college students with ease of access to a collaborative workspace and well equipped rapid prototyping facility. Engineering and Entrepreneurial students are sure to love the workflow efficiency of being able to test design iterations without ever having to leave the drawing board. 


Makerspace is a great place for individuals to learn new trade skills in their own time. We understand going back to school isn’t always a viable option, at Makerspace we make it possible for people interested in making a career change to work their plan for personal development and learning into their schedule with ease and flexibility. Our passionate community of talented craftspeople are eager to share what they know, imparting valuable skills and potentially opening doors to new employment opportunities. 


Whether it’s to learn a new skill, complete a dream project or to generously share a wealth of knowledge and experience, getting plugged in at Makerspace is a fun and fulfilling way to stay actively involved in the community. 


Makerspace provides graduates with the opportunity to enjoy continued access to many of the most highly valued creative resources available to students during their years of study and much much more. Graphic Arts labs and Workshops are, for most people, far too expensive to build for individual use. So without the resources to continue practicing their skills, graduates who do not continue into related careers are forced to abandon their creative passions. At Makerspace we seek to end that. Regardless of career field, we as a society cannot afford for our graduates to lose their creative sparks! Our goal is to facilitate a continued love of learning for the recent graduate as well as to reintroduce the joys of making those who may have forgotten. 


Grand Forks gets cold in the winter; Far too cold for stain to cure or paint to dry. Rather than put a halt on home-improvement projects for half of the year, Grand Forks homeowners can cut and stain trim, build or refinish cabinets, or create custom furniture year round in our ventilated climate controlled workshop. 


At Makerspace kids can learn to identify as “learners”! Whether they’re joining us for lego night, robotics club, or any number of our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) education programs, kids from throughout the Greater Grand Forks area can come to Makerspace to learn in an exciting hands-on environment. Our goal is to team up with public, private, and home-schools within our community to develop and host STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) programs in our centrally located facility, providing Grand Forks children with relevant skills and encouraging a love of learning that will serve them for the rest of their lives. 


Makerspace is the perfect place for businesses to recruit local talent. Welders, designers, woodworkers, and programmers are just a few of the skill sets that make up our diverse network of passionate and talented craftspeople. 


Makerspace is excited to serve as a central hub for the various hobby groups within our community! Model builders, cosplayers, jewelry makers, bookbinders and everything in between; Makerspace wants to help bring people together to grow their community and develop their craft in a fun, supportive environment.