Our Mission to Create

Makerspace Grand Forks is dedicated to becoming a STEAM community workshop with the tools and equipment to make just about anything. But more than that we are a place where the creative and curious from throughout the community can come together; supporting and learning from one another in a safe and exciting creative environment.

Grand Forks’ very own Makerspace is a community shop dedicated to bringing people togetherand bringing ideas to life! We believe we can do a lot more together than alone so we decided to build a giant workshop in the middle of town and fill it with the tools and equipment to make just about anything. Now we’re inviting all the artists, makers, tinkerers, craftsmen and entrepreneurs from throughout the greater Grand Forks area to come be a part of something awesome! As the old song says, “You get a line and I’ll get a pole”. 

Bring your skills and talents, your ideas and curiosity and get plugged in to a vibrant creative community of makers. Learn from others; share what you know. Form like minded clubs or collaborate across different skill sets. Complete a dream project. Learn a new skill. Start a new business or just play around. At Makerspace, the possibilities are endless. So come on over and bring your ideas to life!

It’s FOr Everyone

Our makerspace is designed to accommodate all backgrounds, skill levels & interests.
The makers that call the Grand Forks Makerspace Home are, Artists, Entrepreneurs, Home Owners, Renters, College Students, Children, Job Seekers, Retired Professionals, & Hobbyists.

It’s easy to become a member, Just fillout our application.

Reach Out to US

1503 Demers Ave
Grand Forks, ND 58201